Specialty Sand Manufacturer and Supplier

Frac Sand

frac sand“Frac Sand” is a high quality silica sand with a very durable and very round grains. this is a crush-resistant material produced for use by the petroleum industry. It is used in the hydraulic fracturing process (known as fracking) to produce petroleum fluids, such as oil, natural gas and natural gas fluids from rock units that lack adequate pore space for these fluids to flow to a well. Dickie Carr and gravel produces two grades of frac sand through its McLanahan hydro-sizer and cyclones. It comes in 100 mesh and 40/70 mesh.

White Mansonry Sands

white masonry sandOur white masonry sand is a washed sand material used to mix masonry cement and works well on golf courses as well as many other applications. The material starts as a premium quality white sand, which is screened before being washed through our McLanahan hydro-sizer and cyclones. It too comes as a 100 mesh or a 47/70 mesh sand depending on your needs for a fine (100 mesh) or a coarser (40/70 mesh) (6 mm screen) product.

Golf Course/Masonry Sand – 2 mm Screen

frac sandThis premium material is a washed sand material that has been further processed through a second dry 2 mm screen after washing through our McLanahan hydro-sizer. This creates a unique product that is uniform in size, consistency and color. Recommended use for this product is golf course maintenance. It can be used for for green top dressing, t-box dressing, bunkers, and fairways. Another excellent application for this product is masonry sand. When used in this application it gives the manufacturer a smooth, blemish free product.

Brown Brick Sand Fine – 2 mm Screen

brown brick sandOur brown brick sand 2 mm is typically produced from our asphalt sand materials, which is white in color with a brown tint. The 2 mm screening process ensures the finished material will suit even the most stringent specifications.

Screened Sand

screened sandOur screened sand is very high in quality. It is screened with a Powerscreen Turbo Chieftan with 6 mm screens. Our screened sand is traditionally light gray or tan in color and is one of our best sellers. It is typically used in utilities, a base for above ground pools, and various construction projects where a higher quality screened product is desired. Screened sand is used where the project requires properties that allow for solid drainage of water. Another highlight of screened sand is its versatility, proving useful as a filling material for a multitude of jobs, such as utility lines and pipes. If you are looking for a high quality sand, screened sand is ready to be used as unshifting sand for your job.

Screened Asphalt Sand

screened asphalt sandOur asphalt screened sand is also a very high in quality, a notch above our screened sand product. It is screened with the same 6 mm screens. Our asphalt sand is traditionally white in color and is also one of our best sellers. It is typically used in asphalt and paving projects.

Screened White Beach Sand

White beach sandOur white beach sand is the highest quality sand product available in the metroplex. Just as our asphalt sand, it is screened with the same 6 mm screens. As one of our top selling products, it is typically used for beaches, playgrounds and volleyball courts.