Unscreened Topsoil

unscreened topsoilThis topsoil is an unscreened/unprocessed material generally mined from soils occurring within the top 6 to 18 inches of natural ground. The unscreened topsoil is a cost effective product that provides some of the organic qualities of a more expensive screened product. However, being that it is an unscreened/unprocessed product, it may contain some impurities in the form of clay clods or small roots.

Screened Topsoil

screened topsoilOur screened topsoil is our premium topsoil material that is lightly blended with sand material to allow for additional drainage ability. Once blended, the material is screened through a 6 mm screen providing the organic qualities needed in certain applications. This material is typically used in flower beds, sodding, potting and various landscaping projects.

Screened Clay

screened clayOur screened clay is a loamy material, which is rich in red color. It easily conforms and binds to the existing surface. The loose clay easily tamps into holes providing greater durability and less maintenance. This can be used on baseball/softball fields, as well parks and recreation facilities.