Why Choose Us

Mission statement

The management of DCSG is committed to providing the highest quality materials to our customers, while providing the safest possible workplace for its employees and also maintaining an environmentally friendly facility. It is our policy to conduct business and operations in a manner that is safe and free of unhealthful conditions for its employees as well as compliance to all environmental regulations. Our employees are our biggest asset and are the fixtures in which we accomplish all things. Whether it involves safety, material quality, or keeping our environment clean, DCSG hold its employees in high regard as to their hard work and dedication. As a company, DCSG knows the success of our goals can only be attained through the leadership of our management, supervision, and all of its employees.

How is this accomplished?


Each DCSG employee is required to complete a 24 hour mine safety and health administration training program established through the code of federal regulations as described by the Mining Act of 1977. Each employee is also required to complete an eight hour refresher training annually.  Employees are trained in hazard recognition, emergency procedures, health and safety aspects of tasks assigned, statutory rights of miners, authority and responsibility of supervisors and miners, rules and procedures of reporting hazards, self rescue, and first aid.  Miners are also required to complete new task training on all equipment they operate by direct instruction and close supervision.


DCSG has established programs that comply with MSHA and environmental programs established by TCEQ (Texas Commission of Environmental Quality). The TCEQ programs are established through their general permit and their Texas pollutant discharge elimination system, stormwater multi sector general permit. DCSG has an established written and active program for TCEQ. This is accomplished through daily documentation and adherence to prescribed best management practices. Best management practices are practices by DCSG with its objective of restoring and maintaining the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation’s waters, the principal mechanism for the reduction of pollutants from point sources. Best management practices are actions and procedures to prevent or minimize the potential for discharge of any toxic pollutants and hazardous substances in significant amounts to surface waters. DCSG employees have been trained in these best management practices.


DCSG is very fortunate to have a management team that has a combined experience of over 75 years. This product knowledge is not only shared with our employees but with its customers as well. Once our experienced team knows the customer’s application we can recommend the correct material for the customer’s needs. This equates to a customized program for each of our customer’s needs. If an existing material might fill the job then the experienced team may recommend a blending of materials to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

At DCSG, the relationships our team has established with its customers through the past 30 plus year history makes us a leader in the industry whether it is supplying frac sand to the ever expanding oil and gas  industry or playing a major role in material needs for all of the metroplex and north central Texas.